Autism II

Contains some profanity.

You took my son!
You stole our boy!
I hate you, you bastard!
You fucking bitch!

He was beautiful before,
full of smiles and laughter,
but you came and made those
oh so rare, from that point, ever after.

You silent seeker of childhood,
leaving your dopplegangers in their stead,
our lives turned upside-downwards
because of the thief they keep within their heads.

I see you smiling with devilish delight.
Oh! I see you now, but it’s all too late.
You robber of family harmony, of emotions,
and learning, you promoter of selfish hate.

You teasing whore of hell, taking not quite
all of their thoughts, leaving enough
of the sweet and the good that the
sad, tempestuous patches seem so much more rough.

An original poem – please seek permission before reproducing in any way.


About Mark

I'm a forty-something Welsh-American. Other interests outside writing/blogging and very amateur photography include gardening, cooking, and sports, esp. rugby union.

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