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A New Collar On My Shirt

The soft chair time is over.
Safety videos and handouts are done.
OSHA ten hours has finished and
The PPE assigned.

There will be no swivel chairs on wheels,
No cubicle with ample desk space;
No roomy overhead bins;
No filing cabinet and pinboard walls;
No frequent wanderings for multiple
Bathroom breaks or cups of coffee.

A different color collar makes for a different world:
Hard and dirty; tough and safe;
Instant camaraderie, nicknames flowing as
I’m overwhelmed with the feeling of working –
Really working – a gratifying sense of a void filled
Underlying the happiness of this new experience.

The transition is hard, yes,
But it is good, too.
And I feel like the All-American guy
Sung of by Springsteen or Mellencamp.

An original poem – please seek permission before reproducing in any way.


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